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Manufacturers Of Toilet Paper In South Africa – Dove Rose Tissue

Looking for the best manufacturers of toilet paper around? We at Dove Rose Tissues are toilet paper suppliers that strive to avoid these types of sticky situations. When it comes to manufacturers of toilet paper, we are the top of the market in that we pride ourselves on soft and durable products. Other toilet paper manufacturers skimp on quality in order to make a profit. We at Dove Rose Tissues are quality manufactures of toilet paper.

Toilet paper tissue has come a long way since the days of coconut shells and paper catalogues. We at Dove Rose Tissue are committed to delivering only the highest quality tissue toilet paper so that your comfort is not compromised. So if you are looking for toilet paper suppliers, then look no further than Dove Rose Tissue. Don’t spend countless hours on the throne in discomfort wondering what is a tissue paper’s true comfort when Dove Rose Tissues can show you. So choose us for all your toilet paper tissue requirements.

Tissue paper is possibly the most basic of human comforts but what would we do without it. Toilet tissue manufacturers and the product they produce, some may say, was the true beginning of civilisation. We all use toilet paper tissue so here are a few wacky and interesting facts about toilet paper tissue:

  • The average desk harbours 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.
  • Before tissue toilet paper was invented, people used numerous materials as tissue toilet paper such as: Newsprint, paper catalogue pages in early USA, discarded sheep’s wool in the Viking Age, England, coconut shells in early Hawaii, lace was used by French Royalty etc.
  • The first toilet paper tissue roll was produced in 1879, but was marketed under a private label, due to the awkwardness of the topic.

We at Dove Rose Tissues are quality toilet paper suppliers.  Are you tired of the quality of toilet paper that you find in the office toilet?  Sometimes it is so thin you need to use just about the whole roll. And sometimes it is like sandpaper.  Here at Dove Rose tissue we manufacture and wholesale tissue products both for the customer’s and, the industrial market in South Africa. Customers are at the centre of everything we do. We base our service and products on each individual customer’s requirements. This is our reflection of our company’s vision and values.

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